Certified USB Test Lab

USB-IF Logos

MCCI's Certified USB Test Lab provides quick, cost-effective USB-IF Logo Compliance Testing for low speed, full speed, high speed, and SuperSpeed. We test devices, host systems, host controllers, hubs, and USB On The Go products. As an authorized Independent Test Lab backed by MCCI's team of USB engineering specialists, our test lab will save you time and give you expert advice.

MCCI Keeps You In The Know

MCCI doesn’t just test your product. Our Test Lab engineers provide personalized, one-on-one support to you throughout your testing experience. You’re never left in the dark wondering about progress or process with your very important USB project. We offer timely, detailed and thorough status updates to you that look beyond the next curve. Our experienced test engineers don’t just troubleshoot; they anticipate corrections and assist you with putting them into place, affording every possible opportunity to get your device a passing grade.

MCCI Can Schedule Testing That Meets Your Production Needs

Plug Fest registration full? Long waiting list for PIL? Can't get official USB 3.0 product compliance testing? MCCI's SuperSpeed testing services can still make sure your products are ready for market on your schedule. Even if you want to go to Plug Fest, MCCI can help you prepare, by running the mandatory pre-tests for USB 2.0 compliance and SuperSpeed electrical compliance.

MCCI's USB test lab features the following capabilities and facilities:

  • A full USB-IF electrical test suite
  • USB-specific test equipment, including high-speed analyzers, high performance oscilloscopes, and measurement equipment
  • As a certified USB-IF test lab, MCCI is able to certify that customers' products pass the USB-IF compliance tests and upload the test results to USB-IF's secure web site

MCCI can also provide engineering assistance. Because of our experience in developing USB technology and applications, we give accurate and effective advice when problems arise. Our test engineers draw upon our in-house technology experts, when necessary, to solve the most difficult problems in a timely fashion.

Engineering Solutions for USB Compatibility

Based on MCCI's experience in developing USB technology for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and various embedded host OSs, MCCI's USB Testing Services provide USB device and host manufacturers with a premium quality test and engineering validation environment for USB products. MCCI is a leading developer of USB drivers and firmware and been a qualified Independent Test Lab since the program starting in 2000. This gives MCCI a unique combination of testing and problem resolution expertise.

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Email: testing@mcci.com

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