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MCCI Introduces New Generation of Outlook Synchronization Tools
MCCI MyLynq™ for Outlook Uses New Windows 7 Device Services

ITHACA, USA, March 9, 2011

MCCI Corporation, the world’s leading developer of USB connectivity to the mobile phone and portable device industry, today announced the release of a software tool to synchronize contacts, notes, tasks, and calendar events between mobile phones that use Microsoft Device Services and Windows 7 computers running Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010.

The MCCI MyLynq for Outlook software communicates via the Device Services provided natively by Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 Device Services extend the capabilities of Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) from media file synchronization to non-media information such as contact info, calendar events, notes, and tasks. MTP is standardized by the USB Implementers Forum. MCCI MyLynq is downloadable from the MCCI web site and installs easily on a Windows 7 Personal Computer. Quick Start instructions are on the MyLynq product page.

”MCCI MyLynq for Outlook adds a new level of convenience for consumers,” says Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI. ”Windows 7 device services operate invisibly to allow easy, problem free synchronization of personal information data between Outlook and a mobile phone.”

MCCI welcomes inquiries from OEMs that want to brand, localize, or otherwise customize this tool for distribution through their own channel. Contact

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