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MCCI Grows SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Software Products
New products to be demonstrated at shows in Taipei and San Jose

TAIPEI, Taiwan, SAN JOSE, Calif., and ITHACA, N.Y., March 29, 2010.

MCCI® Corporation, the world’s leading developer of USB software solutions to the portable device industry, is demonstrating a full palette of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products this week. Two events showcase MCCI’s leading edge USB 3.0 development – the USB-IF SuperSpeed DevCon in Taipei, Taiwan, April 1-2 and the Synopsys Users Group (SNUG) Exhibition on March 30 in San Jose, California.

Highlighting the demonstrations are the MCCI USB 3.0 embedded device stack and the xHCI Host Stack for Windows XP to Windows 7. With these products, MCCI is pleased to announce support for the USB Attached SCSI (UAS) protocol on both the host and device sides. UAS promises to improve performance of mass storage devices to take full advantage of the USB 3.0 architecture.

Product developers will also benefit from two new tools created by MCCI. First, the USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser allows programmable attach/detach of a USB Device Under Test. Connection time can be controlled down to 10ms to help trigger and identify difficult-to-find timing errors in the USB subsystem. Second, the MCCI Mass Storage Class Device Verification Tool (MSCDVT) is a Windows application for testing device response to all mandatory BOTP and UASP commands. A script language allows repeated or modified command sequences and responses to be analyzed.

"MCCI is striving to make SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products more accessible to end users,” explains Terry Moore, MCCI CEO. “The emerging USB 3.0 market is now ramping up but needs a wider variety of platform solutions for true mass market status. Our products not only accelerate the market, but do so while reducing risk for product developers. Over 700 million products attest to the quality we build into our solutions."

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