Press Release

USB's Network Control Model Specification Approved
Higher Communications Throughput Now Possible

ITHACA, N.Y., August 20, 2009

MCCI® Corporation applauds the decision of the USB Implementers Forum to approve Network Control Model (NCM) technology as an open standard. The published 1.0 revision is now available to USB-IF members.
NCM is indispensable for the faster handset communications that next-generation technologies require. NCM improves on the existing Ethernet Control Model protocol via a high performance data plane optimized for use with LTE, HSDPA+, WiMAX, and other future network technologies. With the adoption of NCM as an open standard, platform vendors and handset vendors interested in high speed data rate capabilities are expected to leverage the NCM solution to achieve truly high-speed data throughput.
 “MCCI, as a primary contributor to and technical editor of the NCM specification, has already deployed a preliminary version of NCM, called Early NCM (ENCM) to prove the viability and advantages of this new protocol," explains Terry Moore, MCCI CEO. "We have cell phone customers deploying ENCM in volume production today and we will now migrate them to NCM."
NCM and ENCM serve the increasing need for faster data communications and “always-on” data connectivity. For more information on MCCI's NCM solution, please visit our firmware and host driver product pages. With this proven technology, MCCI is ready to increase the competitiveness of vendors who are targeting the next-generation mobile communications consumer.

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