Press Release

MCCI Demonstrates USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Products
Developments Revealed at USB 3.0 DevCon in Tokyo

TOKYO, May 19, 2009

MCCI® Corporation announces USB 3.0 SuperSpeed products at the USB3.0 Developer’s Conference in Tokyo. The company is working to bring the newest evolution of high speed connectivity to market in 2009 with USB 3.0 software solutions for xHCI host and device, as well as USB Attached SCSI. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed addresses the need for transferring or streaming very large media files, such as those on Blu-ray Discs. Early customers include hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) vendors, PC manufacturers and digital video recorder (DVR) OEMs.

According to Terry Moore, CEO of MCCI, “MCCI is using the proven MCCI USB DataPump® host stack as a foundation for our new USB 3.0 SuperSpeed products. For OEMs who wish to achieve market leadership, it is extremely important to leverage MCCI’s existing products and experience as well as our early investment in USB3.0 technology.”

MCCI is a leading developer of USB drivers and embedded software for the high volume portable device markets. Over 600 million portable devices have been delivered with MCCI technology. MCCI experts are actively involved in worldwide technical standard activities, including the USB-IF Device Working Group and MCPC in Japan. A privately held corporation, MCCI is headquartered in Ithaca, USA and offices in Austin, USA, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei.

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