Mobile Broadband Data Card Drivers

Mobile broadband technology provides wireless high-speed Internet access for mobile devices over the cellular network. Mobile broadband devices include mobile phones, USB mobile data adapters, and embedded PCIe M.2 data cards. With mobile broadband, end-users can connect to the Internet from any location where there is wireless broadband (LTE, 4G, or 3G) service from a cellphone network operator.

In Windows 7, Microsoft allowed the mobile broadband product manufacturer to use any USB device class for controlling the mobile broadband product. However, Microsoft required the manufacturer to provide drivers and DLLs to implement the "MBN" (Mobile Broadband Network) API.

Starting with Windows 8 and continuing with Windows 10, mobile broadband products are expected to comply with the USB-IF MBIM specification. The mobile broadband product maker no longer needs to provide drivers; Microsoft provides an in-box MBIM driver that will operate any product that complies with the MBIM specification.

The MBN API includes the following Mobile Broadband standards and models:

  • Network connectivity through packet switched Wireless WAN (LTE and earlier) technologies
  • A Microsoft logo program for Mobile Broadband devices
  • An API for application development

Applications that use the MBN API are isolated from details of the device implementation. They can work with devices that comply with MBIM, or with non-standard devices with special drivers that implement the MBN mandated low-level APIs.

Device makers must choose:

  • Make a multi-personality device that works differently for Windows 7 than for Windows 8 and 10. On Windows 7 it would use proprietary drivers, and on Windows 8 and 10 it would use MBIM, or
  • Make a single-personality MBIM device, and provide MBIM drivers for Windows 7.

MCCI has products that support both approaches.

MCCI USB MBIM Host Drivers for Windows 7

MCCI offers production, operator-tested drivers for MBIM for Windows 7. These drivers map the MBN API directly onto the MBIM command set. The drivers are easily bundled with the connection manager installation, perfect for enterprise customers and network operators.

To further extend the use cases that can be covered by a single MBIM personality, MCCI also offers production MBIM drivers for Apple OS X, Linux, and embedded RTOS applications.

The MCCI Windows 7/8/10 MBN Solution

Some mobile broadband use cases are not sensitive to MBIM compatibility, and reusing legacy firmware and modems may be more important. For these applications, MCCI offers the MCCI MBN driver.

The MCCI MBN driver is a complete Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10-compatible, USB-based, 3GPP/3GPP2 solution that supports all the basic MBN functionality, such as:

  • Device management
  • Radio state management
  • Connectivity management
  • Profile management
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Custom Activation
  • Vendor specific operation

The MCCI product also supports the following optional functionality:

  • Retargetable NDIS 6.2 Framework
  • RMnet/QMI Support
  • ECM and NCM Support
  • PPP Support (for legacy platforms without network interface)
  • Handover Driver Support (for products with multiple radios)
  • Auto-install from Mass Storage
  • Multi-Function Support
  • InstallRight Pro

This MBN solution is ideal for customers who primarily need to support Windows 7 with existing products.

As with our MBIM solution, MCCI offers equivalent production-quality drivers for Apple OS X, Linux, Android, and RTOS-based deployments.

WHQL Logo Support

If a laptop is sold by an OEM with an embedded broadband data card, the laptop’s Win7/Win8/Win10 system logo will be based on the logo certificate of the embedded module under the Windows 7, and Windows 8 “mobile broadband” category, not the “unclassified” program that certifies cell phones. For these uses, MBN and MBIM support is a must. By using the MCCI MBN or MBIM drivers with your product, WHQL certification is no show stopper.

MBN Driver Architecture

MBN Driver Architecture

MCCI Networked Solution for Mobile Broadband

Networked Solution

MCCI Quality and Reliability

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