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PictBridge allows a mobile device to print images to a printer without a PC or image-editing software. MCCI's PictBridge implementation makes it easy to add direct printing support to your mobile products, without requiring a general-purpose operating system like Linux or Android on your product, and without requiring USB host support on your product.

The PictBridge User Experience


With PictBridge, the user simply connects a mobile device to a printer via a standard USB cable. A direct connection is established, controlled by the mobile device. The mobile device specifies the image to be printed; if the printer indicates support, the mobile device can specify print size, print multiple copies, crop and invoke other advanced printing features. When the image(s) have been printed, the printer returns a status message indicating that the print job is complete.

How PictBridge Works

A PictBridge printer operates as a USB host. When it enumerates a device with support for Still Image Class (a USB-IF device class specification), the printer then exchanges a set of XML files with the device to confirm that the device is PictBridge capable. Once the capability is established, the device creates XML print job files; the Still Image Class notifies the printer that a new file is present; and the printer reads the file to get its instructions.

PictBridge Features

All PictBridge-capable printers are able to print one image at a time. However, many manufacturers add advanced features to their products giving the user the ability to print photos in a variety of ways.

Guaranteed features (included in all printers):

  • Device-to-printer connectivity
  • Single-image printing
  • Error and status messages

Advanced Features (may not be included in all printers):

  • Print two or more images in a single job
  • Index print of all images
  • Print all images
  • Print part of image by specifying a clip area
  • Print multiple copies of a single image
  • Print images with a date stamp
  • Specify the exact size of a print
  • Discontinue a print job
  • Restart from recoverable errors

MCCI PictBridge Implementation


MCCI's PictBridge implementation is fully compatible with the CIPA PictBridge Specification and Implementer's Guidelines for Digital Photo Solutions for Imaging Devices. It consists of a number of modules:

  • The MCCI USB DataPump
  • An MCCI Device Controller Driver for the USB device hardware in the target SoC
  • An implementation of the Still Image Class protocol
  • An implementation of Picture Transfer Protocol V1.0
  • The PictBridge-specific Digital Print System
  • Integration with either libxml or expat XML libraries
  • Demo applications to assist in development, integration, and verification

The MCCI PictBridge implementation easily integrates into an existing product. The PictBridge solution is configurable to match your product's feature set requirements. MCCI provides a complete PictBridge solution that allows you to focus on other aspects of your development project.

MCCI Verification Tools


The MCCI PictBridge solution has been tested on multiple platforms and with multiple external printers. This extensive testing ensures that the MCCI PictBridge implementation can be integrated into your product with minimal effort required to verify the PictBridge stack.

MCCI offers a complete suite of PictBridge tools for printer simulation that will run on a Windows PC. These tools make it easy to simulate various printer events and verify the user interface on the device.

PictBridge Certification

CIPA logo certification is required in order to display the PictBridge logo on the final product. The MCCI PictBridge Implementation has been through logo certification before integration into your product. This means that the cost and effort of final product logo certification is minimized when you integrate the MCCI PictBridge solution into your product. CIPA must perform the actual logo testing. For more information about the CIPA PictBridge logo certification process, go to http://www.cipa.jp/pictbridge/contents_e/05logocp1_e.html.