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Model 3101 Type C Connection Exerciser  

Model 3101 Type-C Connection Exerciser

The MCCI model 3101 Type-C Connection Exerciser (MUTT ConnEX-C) plugs and unplugs up to 4 USB devices for automated testing of USB Type-C™ products. Muxes 2 Type-C products and two legacy USB 2.0 products into a single Type-C connector. Test PCs, phones, docks, embedded systems.


Model 2101 USB Connection Exerciser

Model 2010 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Connection Exerciser

Tired of plugging and unplugging devices to test USB enumeration? The MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser automates Host to Device cable removal and attachment. Use it to find and analyze SuperSpeed, high speed, full speed, and low speed USB connection problems in a well controlled and repeatable manner.

Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT

Type-C SuperMUTT

The MCCI Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT emulates a USB 3.1 Gen 1 device with Power Delivery features, allowing extensive testing of host hardware, firmware and software, including the support for testing USB-C™ DisplayPort alternate modes.


MCCI offers a wide variety of engineering development and test hardware and software to speed the development of embedded products. The MCCI Catena® products add host/device connectivity for engineering purposes. MCCI's MSCDVT, NCMDVT and MBIMDVT tools allow rapid automated testing and diagnosis of Mass Storage, NCM, and MBIM devices.

  • The MCCI Catena 2210 provides two NCM device interfaces for use in testing MirrorLink (Terminal Mode) host systems.
  • The MCCI Catena 1910 is the industry-standard protocol analyzer and generator for High-Speed Inter-Chip (HSIC) USB.
  • The Model 2101 USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser is a tool that is used to simulate Host to Device cable removal and attachment. The microcontroller and the high frequency relays within the Exerciser can either be pre-programmed with specific connection patterns, or can be controlled real-time through an auxiliary USB port by a Control PC. This tool makes it possible to find and analyze USB 3.0 connection problems in a well controlled and repeatable manner.
  • The Model 3101 Type-C Connection Exerciser allows testing of 2 Type-C products and 2 legacy USB products with a single Type-C system-under test. Supports up to 20V / 5A for products using USB Power Delivery.
  • The Model 3102 Type-C Connection Exerciser with DTMF Control adds a DTMF audio tone interface tothe 3101, allowing tests to be controlled via an audio jack.
  • The Model 3501 Type-C SuperMUTT is an advanced USB 3.1 gen 1 and USB Power Delivery device emulator and regression-test tool.
  • MSCDVT is a Verification Tool designed specifically for verifying the UAS and BOT Protocols running on a USB device. MSCDVT offers test coverage that is greater than what is possible with other standard test methods.
  • The MCCI Catena 1820 USB Hi-Speed Peripheral Firmware Development Platform allows you to develop and test your USB firmware for the Renesas R8A66597. The Catena 1820 has 10 endpoints.
  • The MCCI Catena 1850 USB Hi-Speed On-The-Go USB Development Platform allows you to develop and test your USB firmware for the NXP ISP1761. The Catena 1850 has 7 IN endpoints, 7 OUT endpoints, and one fixed control IN and OUT endpoint.